What to Expect

You can expect to be warmly greeted when you walk into the door... no matter who you are and what you’ve done, we want you to feel welcomed.  Jesus said, “It isn’t the healthy that need a doctor, it is the sick (Matthew 9:12).”  We believe true life change happens with Life through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We don’t think we are better than others... we all have messed up and we are on a journey together.  Our church is not perfect. 

We dress casual... some come in jeans, others in kakis, a few gals in skirts.  If you come wearing a tie or a dress you might be the only one, but feel free to dress how you want.  We just want you to be yourself.  It isn’t a time for people to talk about fashion, we meet together to encourage each other and hear God’s Word and put it into practice.  We hope you will join us and we will make it really hard for you to not feel accepted.